Automatic A Frame Chicken Cage with Manure Removal Belt System in Pakistan

Please let us know how many chicken do you have and your land size.

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1. use closed hen house  to the tropical and subtropical climat

The hen house located north-central in Pakistan, the region belongs to the tropical and subtropical climate, generally high temperatures, precipitation is scarce, annual rainfall less than 250 mm, the temperature in summer is heat or cold and dry in the winter. Because of the natural climate condition, the customers choose to use closed hen house, this is the necessary choice to adapt to climate make.


2. four layers A390 cage net for middle east or Asia area

Pakistan is a islamic country which the population nearly two hundred million, chicken and eggs are the country's main food source, as the development of economy the demand of chicken and eggs more and more. Our company since 2011 has developed business in Pakistan. And the customer, in addition to the conventional four layers A390 cage net, with the automation of drinking water, driving feeding, egg machine, such as system, ventilation and cooling together with all the equipment in our company procurement.


3.  customers according to our drawings to build house or prepare other material

Before the shipment, we draw the electrical control system drawings for the customer, the customer according to the automation of control equipment, lighting, temperature control devices etc. The customers according to our drawings in the local processing the electrical control cabinet, and realized the automation equipment when installing the seamless connection with our company.


4. manure into truck by scraper manure removal and oblique manure removal

Manure removal system is a major highlight of the customer. He is using a scraper and in the end of the hen house, he installed the lateral manure removal system and oblique manure removal system. We use galvanized sheet processing for the customer, and supply the transverse manure removal system side goes on to the board, so the manure can smoothly into the track. This is the way we rarely used.

5. 20,160 birds per house, 92m long of house length

Customers use 4 line 4 tiers system, hen house size is: 92 * 15 * 3 meters, each line place 42 sets cages, a total of 168 sets, so there are 20160 birds inside the house.


With state of the art facilities,powerful R & D team and rigorous quality management system, Best has owned undoubtedly the strength to become your preferred partner to build modern automated poultry farms.In addition,we have an experienced,quick-response project team which helps customers with poultry farm location planning,chicken house design and construction and equipment installation as well as provides product upgrade and free technical consulting services.

Please let us know how many chicken do you have and your land size.
Whatsapp to +8613663282016/+2348111199996,

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